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Pop Art

Pop art is derived from popular art. The definition of pop art, art that utilizes the flow of symbols and visual style that comes from the popular mass media, like newspapers, television, and advertising.

- One of the early forms of pop art design was the work of Richard Hamilton, John McHale, and John Voeckler in 1956, titled Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So appealing?

- Andrew Warhola, better known as Andy Warhol, American artist and is an important figure in the arts stream of pop art. Warhol is known as an artist who first made the works of pop art, which began merepetisi pictures faces like Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley in the 1950s.

- Although it has been known in the 50's, pop art style design of the new wing took place around the middle decades of the 60's until well into 1970.

- In the book Pop Art (Basic) output Taschen, the definition of pop art is accompanied by a statement of actual pop art, that is? Communicate the beauty of the ordinary people in ways easily understood by them?. That is why the well-known figures are used as subjects.


- In Indonesia, the art of pop art is more resonant in the 2000s. Existence is also characterized by the presence Wedha community? S Pop Art Portrait (WPAP), which adheres to the flow of pop art with a different grip.



Burgerkill is a metalcore band from Bandung, West Java. Band name was taken from a fast food restaurant's name from America, namely Burger King, which then "Burgerkill".

Burgerkill established in May 1995 started from Eben, scenester who moved from Jakarta to Bandung to continue his schooling. Of the schools that met with Ivan Eben, Kimung, and Dadan as its first line-up.
They managed to release his first single by Richard Mutter underground phenomenon who released a compilation CD of bands Bandung in early 1997. Other names like Full Of Hate, Puppen, and Cherry Bombshell is also entrenched in the compilation entitled Masaindahbangetsekalipisan.

In late 1997 they again took part in compiling Breathless by attaching the song Offered Sucks therein. Early 1998 on their journey continues with the release of singles Blank Proudness, the compilation Grindcore bands Ujungberung Independent titled Rebel.

Around early 1999, they received offers from independent record companies of Malaysia, Wild Child Records who released the album ends with deal Split Three Ways along with the band Infireal (Malaysia) and Watch It Fall (France).

In 2000, Burgerkill finally managed to release their debut album with the title Two Sides by Riotic Records. In the same year, the band also released a single, Everlasting Hope Never Ending Pain by compiling Ticket To Ride.

They was nominated Best Independent Band NewsMusik magazine-style in 2000. Early in 2001 they had succeeded in cooperating with a sports apparel company American product: the Puma support for 1 year each time Burgerkill do staging. And since October 2002 a clothing products from Australia: INSIGHT also supports them in every appearance.

Mid-June 2003, Burgerkill became Indonesia's first hardcore band that signed a contract as many as six albums with one of the largest in the country a major label, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. And after the end of 2003, Burgerkill successfully released their second album with the title Rustic.

In mid-2004, through the album Rustic Burgerkill entered into one of the main nominations in one of the biggest music event in Indonesia Achievement Awards Ami. And surprisingly they successfully won the annual award for Best Metal Production.

In early 2005, Toto decided to leave the band. They returned remodel their formation by moving Andris from position to position Bass Drums and continue the process of writing songs using additional bass player.

November 2005, decided Burgerkill contract with Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia because there is no agreement in the execution of the project's third album. they agreed to keep releasing albums to-3 Beyond Coma And Despair under their own label, Revolt! Records in mid-August 2006. This album became one of the best albums in Rolling Stone Indonesia. [1]

Ivan the vocalist finally breathed his last in the midst of the process of launching their new album at the end of July 2006. After passing the Vocal Auditions, they found Vicki as the new frontman for the next stage in their career.

And in early January 2007 they had successfully held a series of tours in major cities in Java and Bali in order to promote their new album.

The band had a stage with several bands outside like The Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying, and Himsa. The band also signed a contract with the Australian Record xenophobic. The band will also release their new album, Venomous in June 2011. [2]


Is a legendary hardcore band from Bandung, West Java. Formed in June 1992 with the initial formation only Robin "Low" and Marcell Siahaan, Robin invites fellow death metal band, Jitmul, which did not last long in the engagement band. August 1992, Arian signed guitar to fill the position sekalius vocals from the band Death Maximum Impact. Then join Prima Bass fill the post. Puppen often brought the songs of bands like SOD, MOD, Biohazard, Prong, until Sacred Rich. Puppen be born with the formation Arian (guitar, vocals), Robin (guitar), Marcell Siahaan (drums) and Prima (Bass). Sempet spawned several songs like "This Is Not A Puppen", "Freedom To Defecate". Released their first demo "Freedom To Defecate" and played by only one rock radio in his time ( in GMR FM. Since then the intensity of the gig Puppen started in high school stages in Bandung. Helvy (sekrang FFWD Records owner) joined the banner of Puppen as manager in 1993. On the basis of the manager's encouragement, Helvy Puppen meriis finally debuted his first EP entitled "This Is Not Puppen EP", which was also marked with the merger of Ajo guitar 2 fill the post, which contributed to fill the melodies on their first mini album "This Is Not Puppen EP ".

In 1994, Puppen orders yet at ITB Art Market, a concert with the largest crowd for their last gig bbeerapa years. Achievements kept coming Pupen, sales figures merela mini album "This Is Not Puppen EP" reached number 10 000 copies, which sold around the Bandung area, achieving a fairly fantatasi to size mini album at the time.

Puppen orders yet outside the island of Java for the first time in 1996 in Medan, North Sumatra. In the same year Puppen for the first time appear in: PL Fair "which is an annual event Pangudi Luhur students. The following year (1997) The second album Puppen in the preparation stage, this year also marked the release of ajo. Singel they "Freedom To Defecate" was released in the form of phonograph record through 89 Records label Tianmen (French label). Puppen increasingly spread its wings to the International with the release of their singles with the same judl ("Freedom To Defecate") in Japan through the label All System fails. Puppen also involved in several compilations such as "Hit Back" and also "Asian Hardcore Compilation. In 1998 Marcell decided to kelaur of Puppen because he wanted to focus Parahyangan lecture at Catholic University law school. In this year also marked the release of several singles such as the number "Set I", "True" and "Waiting Room v Puppen" that airs on local radio stations in Bandung. Then Puppen also had released the single "System" in the compilation "Masaindahbangetsekalipisan" 40124 labels releases. Puppen released their second album titled "MK II". After Marcell out olehh replaced Andry missile, which became official perosnil Puppen the following year.
Year 1999 was a year of musical Puppen degradation, although numbers had released singles such as "prime" by Brain Beverage by Harder Records and the number "set me" in Indonesia Best Alternative compilation album, the label co Target Pro and Aquarius, Puppen starting left its personnel. Prima is filling the bass position unplug from Puppen, quarter three money managers at the time they follow in the footsteps Prima Helvy unplug dair Puppen in 1999. While on the other side of the vocalist cum guitarist Arian also currently busy with work freelancenya, so also was Robin who are preoccupied with work in Reverse Outfits.
Moving into the year 2000 Puppen released their latest single titled "No Basis" that exist in the compilation Ticket To Ride, hosted by renowned clothing company Bandung 347. Puppen released third album, their third album entitled "S / T". Record release party was held at Lambhorgini Cafe, Jakarta. Puppen also signed an endorsement contract with Volcom. Had a tour together with the coil and Noin Bullet, Puppen more frequent gigs.
In 2002, Puppen who became one of pioneers of hardcore music in Indonesia officially disbanded. Arian moved to Jakarta and Robin who moved to the island of the Gods (read: Bali) increasingly provide certainty regarding the dissolution sinyalmen Puppen. Puppen their farewell concert at Cafe Nirvana, Jakarta and Teahouse Dago, Bandung.
In 2004 Puppen reunian concert with a fantastic fee (paid to solve underground bands in general) for Rp40.000.000, -. Puppen perform at the annual student Pangudi Noble, PL Fair. Puppen MK-II was re-released and re-mastered by Soda Music Records label

SERINGAI - High Octane Rock!

Early 2002, Jakarta, Indonesia. After a year disbanding his legendary hardcore outfit for 10 years, Puppen, vocalist Arian13 [Puppen, Aparatmati] and old time friends, drummer Khemod [from Bandung thrash grinders, Aparatmati] and guitarist Ricky [from Jakarta's finest hardcore band, Stepforward] founded SERINGAI ['grin' in Indonesian]. Fueled by a desire to play a blend between Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Slayer, MC5, they began to jam together after bassist Toan joined.

SERINGAI was already in the habit of constantly writing songs, and playing small gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. Anthem songs like “Alkohol” [alcohol] and “Membakar Jakarta” [burning Jakarta], are the crowd's favorites. SERINGAI became more popular and the shows were beer-soaked and the sing along, slamdancing, stagediving never stops. Shortly thereafter, Toan left the band, and was replaced by Sammy. The band recorded 9 songs including a cover of Black Flag's “Jealous Again”, and released High Octane Rock EP in 2004 in tape format on their own label, Parau. Many shows in support of the tape, and without proper promotion they have sold about 15.000 copies of High Octane Rock EP. They even got offered to write songs for local movie soundtrack, teenage flick Catatan Akhir Sekolah and horror flick 12:00AM, both movies was also a success. Their fanbase grows bigger, and named themselves 'serigala seringai' or, Seringai's wolfpack. Their fans also varied, ranged from 15 years kids to 40 years old school rock fans. In 2005, the CD version is released. The CD version was highly anticipated, and with different and exclusive artwork, it has sold 2000 copies in just 2 month. This time, the CD was distributed by Off The Records/Universal Music Indonesia.

Playing from club gigs to stadium festivals, SERINGAI never failed to impress people with their sound, energetic live show, and antics. In 2007 SERINGAI released their full length, Serigala Militia, which acclaimed high praises from mainstream and underground press. The album itself shows maturity but still gaining high impact of the heavy rock blend that’s been a trademark from the band. Songs like “Mengadili Persepsi [Bermain Tuhan]”, “Amplifier”, “Citra Natural” becomes crowd’s favorite anthem, more experimental/doom metal song like “Marijuanaut” is another expanded songwriting from the band. Serigala Militia was the best rock album in 2007-2008, an album without filler.
Now SERINGAI is gearing up for their second album, and also in the process of editing their own home video, Generasi Menolak Tua, which consists interviews with the band, fans, high profile music journalists, and a lot of live footage, videos, and road mayhem. This year, SERINGAI is scheduled for those releases and a lot of shows, meaning it will be an exciting and interesting year for the band and of course, real heavy, high octane fueled rock fans.

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Distribution Outlet for Clothing Industries


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Rocket Rockers - College Punk!

Started in 1999. Our strongest line up are: Al Kautsar (vocal), Aska Pratama (guitar/vocal), Bisma Aria Nugraha (bass), Rizky Fadli (guitar), Khrisna a.k.a Ozom (Drums). First was our all time favorites; the 80s new wave acts; The Cure, Alphaville, OMD, Nena, Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, Duran-Duran, The Police, Joy Division etc. Second were what in our CD player recently; Pulley, Lagwagon, Weezer, Pearl Jam, NOFX, Pennywise, Reggie & The Full Effects, etc. We have 8 compilations and 2 full albums, now were preparing for our 3rd album. Our first album Soundtrack For Your Life was putting out by Off The Records (an independent label from our hometownBandung) which has been sold more than 20.000 copies, and our 2nd album (Ras Bebas) now in major debut with Sony/BMG Indonesia and recently it was sold about 45.000 copies. .. .. 

We've been on skatepark tour all year with VOLCOM Indonesia, and play high school/college shows as many as possible. We've also opened Skin Of Tears show (punk rock from Germany), MXPX, The Ataris. Anyhow, we are sponsored by the greatest skate/surf companies ever, Volcom and also some awesome brands like College Star, Peter Says Denim and Macbeth. .. .. Surprisingly, in 2006 Susan Dynner a director of Punk's Not Dead The Movie contact us and she told us that we will take a part of that documentary movie. Yes, we are the only one of Indonesian band in Punk's Not Dead The Movie, with big punk bands like Green Day, Nofx, Minor Threat, Blink 182 etc. That was rad! .. .. Actually it was like laying a big bet for playing punk rock music here and try to make a living out of it. Playing in a punk rock band or being a part of the (so-called) cutting edge is a super hard job. We have to try super hard to convince corporate people who have the money that we can add values to their business. Somehow, in the early days, the kids still feel strange to what we play. But we believe that we can pass this test and have a big smile in the end. 

Finally, after constant powering up grassroots activities, local TV, MTV Indonesia and radio are starting to recognize us and airplay our things. Thanks for the early believers. .. .. In 2008, we resign from Sony Music for any reasons. And we started our own label called; Reach & Rich Records to realese our 3rd album: Better Season. Yes, we sell it by our self with d.i.y ethic and the respon was great. National television always booked us to perform. Now we're on our way to release our 4th album. Btw, our preview song "Lost Heart Tour" was in the 1st chart of Top Downloads in for 3 days. .. .. 

Our recent goal was big, hairy and scary; we want to change the face of music industry in our country. Were trying to write down the path for newer bands that they can reach their dreams if they work for it. Its like providing an intellectual property so that new young creative bands with hard work attitude wont reinventing the wheel. We would like to see more kids start to wear band tshirt, start to skate and believe on their passion to live their own things. Its important to see kids which getting into more creative hype and do their best for their life and gives something back to their community. Thats what great American bands do for a living, and it inspires us so much.